Football Sponsorship: What’s In It for You?

football sponsorship
Football Sponsorship: What’s In It for You?

By Katie Thompson

It’s a practice which dates back to the early 80s, and in this time has seen many controversies. Whether it was payday loan companies or even Love Is All Around hitmakers Wet Wet Wet, the issue of football sponsorship is one that has been at the heart of public debate for many years.

But despite the headlines, there have been myriad examples of how football sponsorship can bring about endless benefits, not just to the club itself, but to the sponsor.

The Big Boys

One name that we’re all particularly familiar with thanks to Premier League and international football is Emirates. As proud sponsors of Arsenal FC, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain to name but a few, the global airline giant benefits enormously from a cumulative audience of 4.7 billion TV viewers per week.

The same applies to the internet and social media – a recent report on Premier League Sponsorship showed that one in four online conversations relating to the Premier League also referenced its sponsor, Barclays. The colossal brand exposure from football sponsorship is matched only by its money-making potential.

Customer loyalty

Aside from the seemingly limitless brand exposure for football sponsors, there is also the added benefit of loyalty when it comes to football sponsorship. This is particularly important for small businesses looking to sponsor their local football club. Just as they rely on the support of their local customers to keep their trade float, so too will they rely upon the staunch loyalty of their small army of football fans.

Loyalty goes hand in hand with brand association, a sentiment which can be applied in both big team and little team scenarios. In the big team scenario, take for example the “golden era” for Arsenal in the 90s – the Gunners were two-time Premier League winners, as well as holders of the FA, League and UEFA Cups. Throughout the early 80s to the turn of the millennium, they were sponsored by electronics manufacturer JVC, an acronym that became synonymous with winning.

Fantastic PR

Whether you’re a multi-national company sponsoring a top flight club or a local construction company sponsoring Peterborough United, the PR opportunities know no bounds. With worldwide political uncertainty, there has been an ever-growing emphasis on “going local” in recent years, be it buying local produce or supporting independent retailers. Hence, small-town football sponsorship could just be the answer your business is looking for when it comes to marketing.

Take, for example, Newcastle Building Society, who chose to sponsor the Northern Football Alliance League. Chief Operating Officer Andrew Haigh said: “As a North East based organisation it is important to us that we support our local communities wherever possible.”

Again, this instils the core sentiments of customer loyalty and support, and with increased brand exposure to local customers, this deal can only mean great things for football sponsors.

Start your search today

Unlike traditional advertising, football sponsorship gives your company the chance to form an allegiance with an already established brand, which will in turn help to bolster your brand by connecting you with an army of loyal followers. The big boys may be snapped up for another year, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t still many opportunities today. To see how you could benefit from football sponsorship, head over to our Search Opportunities page today.