Funding for Sports Clubs

Funding for Sports Clubs with help from Sponsor SeekerFunding for Sports Clubs with help from Sponsor Seeker – Are you a community sports club looking for that extra income to help support your club? A simple Google search brings up about 16,400,00 results of articles and website links for funding. Sport England’s website states that “In order to create a world-class community sports structure we need to invest in sport at every level and that is why we fund hundreds of different projects every year. Whether you are a village club who needs to purchase extra equipment or a multi-million pound facility that hosts Olympic athletes, we have a funding stream that can help you”.

This article provides information on different streams of funding for sports clubs and organisation.

Sport England Small Grants is a funding stream that uses Lottery funding to make awards of between £300 and £10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to help more people play sport. If you have an idea for a project that is focused on increasing sports participation, delivered to beneficiaries based in England and is a new activity then you may be able to apply for funding.

Awards for All is another source of funding for sports clubs that gives groups an easy way to get small Lottery grants of between £300 and £10,000. Awards for All are keen to fund projects that can address a need for something, the issues surrounding the local community and how this project will benefit the people that will be engaged. They are looking to fund a variety of community programmes that are aimed at improving the health of local people, improving the local environment and helping people to become more active.

Children in Need provide funding for sports clubs of up to £10,000 per year for 3 years for projects from third sector organisations working with children and young people. Projects that are applying for funding need to clearly show how disadvantaged children and young people with benefit from the project. Applications for funding can be submitted every May, September and January.

The Peoples Health Trust accepts applications between £5000 – £25000 per year. The funding should be aimed at local communities looking to create better neighbourhoods to live in and better opportunities for the residents of the community. To apply for funding your organisation needs to be non-profit, more than three years old and have an income of less than £350,000 a year.

As we said earlier there are many different funding streams available. You can search for your own funding for sports clubs on Funding Central.

Alternatively, we can help with sourcing funding for sports clubs so if you have an exciting idea that you would like to see come to life then Contact Us here at Sponsor Seeker.