Hampshire FA Team up with Sponsor Seeker on new initiative

Hampshire FA in partnership with Sponsor Seeker are piloting a 1 year project, introducing a new initiative to support clubs and leagues in Hampshire attain sponsorship.

Sponsor Seeker is an experienced sponsorship agency boasting a team of professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the sponsorship industry, helping sports teams achieve sponsorship success.

Sponsor Seeker’s mission is to help sports clubs, events and charitable organisations find sponsors and the financial assistance they require, helping to bridge the gap to help potential sponsors see the wide-range of fantastic sporting opportunities presented in the best possible light.

On Thursday 23rd June, 6:30-8pm Sponsor Seeker in partnership with Hampshire FA will work together to roll out a part 2 of Hampshire FA’s Marketing & PR Workshop, delivered to grassroots clubs and leagues in the county. The workshop will provide clubs and leagues with the guidance and tools of how to successfully prepare a sponsorship package, highlighting key information in helping to attract sponsorship which will be delivered by the Director of Sponsor Seeker, Laura Miller. This is open to all Hampshire clubs and leagues and you can attend the workshop by registering here.

Hampshire FA in partnership with Sponsor Seeker will look to roll out a ‘Sponsors Networking event’ inviting companies (up to 6k companies on Sponsor Seeker’s portal) to Hampshire FA’s HQ to find out about the packages available in the county on Friday 15th July. The primary aim is to help encourage sponsorship, connecting companies with grassroots clubs and leagues in Hampshire and helping to fund the grassroots game.

Hampshire FA’s Business Support Officer, Isabella Sakias discussing the partnership says “This is a new initiative and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Sponsor Seeker. Funding plays a pivotal role in the continued development of the grassroots game and we have a responsibility to support our members and trial new initiatives. We will do all we can to assist our members and have identified this concept as one such way of potentially achieving this”

Director of Sponsor Seeker, Laura Miller discussing the partnership with Hampshire FA says “Sponsor Seeker was developed specifically to assist grass roots clubs with their sponsorship requirements and we can think of no better way to kick off our own marketing campaign than a partnership with the Hampshire FA. We were really impressed by all the different schemes they are putting in place to help their clubs and we are delighted to play our own part in that, both by delivering the sponsorship workshops and by utilising our portal to help the clubs directly with their sponsorship”

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