Sponsor Seekers benefits from new partnership with Match Marketing

Match Marketing Sports Telemarketing services
Sponsor Seeker today announce that they are now able to offer specialist sports telemarketing packages for Sponsor Seekers, through our sister company Match Marketing - who are experienced in generating leads for sports teams and venues through the use of telemarketing.   The deal will enable current and future listers on the Sponsor Seeker site to access new services to help boost their sponsorship search. The addition of the sports telemarketing packages mean that Sponsor Seekers can generate that extra boost as and when needed throughout the course of their listing period.   Speaking about the partnership Sponsor Seeker MD Laura Miller said: “At Sponsor Seeker we are always looking for how we can give our Seekers the edge, sponsorship is a very competitive marketplace we want to provide our seekers with all the best tools possible to hep them get noticed. The addition of the sports telemarketing services from Match Marketing, mean that we can jump the queue and get our opportunities in front of the right people, faster”   Match Marketing are a team of specialist sports telemarketers, many of whom have a passion sport an boast many years experience in the industry. They offer clients the opportunity to run well planned and executed sports telemarketing campaigns to either engage lapsed clients or generate leads for new ones.   Laura added, “The power of the humble telephone call in B2B sales is now so important, customers want to feel valued and when clubs are looking for sponsorship it is important to stand out from the crowd. Telemarketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available today, producing the most quality leads with the ability to easily track ROI (return on investment) so we want to help the clients of Sponsor Seeker capitalise on that and really boost their sponsorship campaigns”   For further information on why sports telemarketing could give your team or venue a boost, visit the website www.matchmarketinguk.co.uk to read more or email info@matchmarketinguk.co.uk