Sales Process, How to get Sponsored

It has been suggested that the sales process is 75% preparation, 10% sales pitch and 15% follow up. When you have the opportunity to meet the sponsor is person, ensure that you know everything you can possibly find out about their company before you walk through the door. Read our useful tips below on the sales process and to get Sponsored.

Make contact with the right person – establish who you should contact and make an appointment to see him or her. Ensure you meet with someone who has the authority to make decisions on sponsorships of your size.

Determine what you want to achieve from this meeting

Your initial meeting should be about gathering and confirming information. Your potential sponsor wants to know about you and your event and will be asking a few key questions;

  • Who are you and why should I do business with you?
  • What’s unique about this event and can it connect me with the target markets I want?
  • Why will people come to your event?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • How much is it going to cost me?

It will increase your credibility exceptionally if you can answer all of these questions before the sponsor asks them.  You should be able to sum up your event, your expertise and your enthusiasm concisely, providing key information to your potential sponsor.

Mind your manners

  • Be on time and keep the meeting on track and on schedule
  • Speak clearly and with confidence, smile and shake hands firmly
  • You need to listen twice as much as you speak
  • Don’t go into hyper sales mode
  • Follow up the meeting with a personal thank you note

Focus on the sponsor’s needs

Remember as you talk that your potential sponsors are more focused on achieving their own business objectives. Potential sponsors are more interested in making a connection with your target market – position your organisation as a channel for building those relationships.

Don’t discuss price

Excite them about your opportunity first before talking about the price.

Be enthusiastic

Your enthusiasm is your greatest selling tool. Following the meeting send them a thank you letter outlining what you have discussed, answering any questions and indicating when they will receive your formal proposal.