Sponsor Seeker to support grassroots Tennis Charity event in London – the Tennis 2 Bee Craic Cup

Tennis 2 Bee Craic Cup
Intro: Sponsor Seeker the leading UK Sponsorship search portal are partnering with Tennis2Bee, a sports and education charity for their third annual Tennis2Bee Craic Cup held the prestigious £40 million pound indoor and outdoor National Tennis Centre in Roehampton / Barnes (20 minutes by train from Waterloo) on 23 July 2016. Tennis2Bee aims to make tennis an accessible, inclusive and diverse sport to children and disabled players. They encompass over 30 ethnic groups, with over 500 recorded tennis sessions, strong community and tennis links alike. They actively encourage partnerships with local schools and organisations and are based in South East London. Additionally, Tennis2Bee were nominated for the Southwark Stars award and chosen as Davis Cup Coaching partners for 2016. The 3rd Annual Tennis2Bee Craic Cup, an international friendly tennis cup, takes place at the National Tennis Centre, with Irish and the local London communities on 23 July 2016. Sponsor Seeker will be partnering the event and will also be actively seeking additional sponsors on behalf of the organising committee. Speaking about the partnership, Founder of Sponsor Seeker, Laura Miller said: I set up Sponsor Seeker back in 2015 with the aim of supporting grassroots sport and giving back to the community. Our platform has helped many smaller events and organisations achieve sponsorship success that would otherwise have not been possible with limited funds and resources. We are delighted to be partnering the 2016 Tennis2Bee Craic Cup to further support the fantastic work Tennis2Bee do in enabling many children to get involved in Tennis that would otherwise be impossible without their assistance. Cynthia Riet, Director and Founder of Tennis2Bee also commented: “We’re very excited to be partnering with Sponsor Seeker who are assisting us in bridging that gap to help potential sponsors see our fantastic opportunity and to have this presented in the best possible light, professionally and clearly is an added bonus on this much needed service for charities.” The Tennis2Bee Craic Cup is being held on the 23rd July 2016 and further details on sponsorship of the event can be found by visiting the sponsorship page HERE Further information on Sponsor Seeker can be found at www.sponsorseeker.co.uk and on Tennis 2 Bee at www.tennis2bee.weebly.com