British Inline Skater Hockey Association

British Inline Skater Hockey Association (BiSHA) is the pioneering sport in British Skater \ Roller Hockey.   With a once swelling membership of 8640 members, taking the sport from the streets to sports halls and now to a mixture of venues of Rinks and sports halls we have become less visible and this is where we need assistance.

With a new partner or series of partners we have opportunities to grow the membership along with the regenerated national league, support the national teams better at both Mens and Under 19’s.  In addition to this we will be able to afford new equipment to place into sports halls to grow the league into areas where we are not currently able to access.

In return for successful partnership we can offer advertisement on all digital and psychical media, which includes our Website, Social media, YouTube, posters, flyers and banners.

Sponsor Name: Simon Price

Location: UK National

Sector: Ice Hockey

Budget: Under 10k

Target Audience/Reach

Ice Hockey Players, Skaters, Businesses, Youth Clubs, Ages 10+

Date and Timings

The season runs typically March - November nationwide and several events in Europe.

Key opportunity details

Social Media we have circa 4,500 members likes followers. With support from a sponsor we look to increase our numbers, fans, supporters, and league match day attendance by advertising not only to our existing fan base but to your fan base also showcasing you as a sponsor and supporter.

Features and Benefits

Branding *Your details will be on all digital and physical media *Your details will be announced on all video media *We would invite you along for special events within the season calendar. *Signed Jersey from a team of your chosing.

Other partners

As an association we currently have no other partners right now.


We are looking for investments between £3-£10k in support

Other Info