Des Wilkinson Sponsorship Opportunities

Support Des Wilkinson in the European Championships

A little about Des Wilkinson…

In 1978 I started hurdling at secondary school aged 15.

In 1979 at the age of 16, I realised my potential when winning the UK national youth 100m title In a UK aged best time of 13.3 Seconds.

I have won UK youth, junior and senior medals and titles and also represented England and Great Britain in all age groups.

When I turned 40 In 2003 I pressed the reset button to embark on my masters athletics career. 39 years later I am proud to say that I am still passionate and able to compete at a high level over the ‘sticks’!

Please support my 2018 goals to win my 3rd consecutive masters European 60 metre indoor hurdles title on Spanish soil, and winning my first World 100m hurdles outdoor title.

Sponsor Name: Des Wilkinson

Location: South East

Sector: Running

Budget: Under 10k


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Target Audience/Reach

ABC1 sports enthusiasts. I represent Great Britain in the male 50-55 age category. In 2018 it will be 55-59. The key target audience will be to inspire males and females over the age of 35 to participate in sport. A target audience with a higher disposable income . An opportunity for targeted brand exposure.

Date and Timings

Sponsorship will be for 2 championships in 2018. March 2018 - European Masters Indoor athletics Championships -Madrid, Spain. September 2018 -World Masters Outdoor athletics Championships -Malaga, Spain

Key opportunity details

I have a healthy following on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Features and Benefits

I would endorse sponsors in all regional PR, media and press coverage.I can deliver inspirational speaking to businesses and groups,again endorsing sponsors.Wear sponsor logos and branding on all kit.Sponsors would be supporting health and fitness over 40 and the positives It can bring. Great for Corporate Social Responsibility alignment.European and World Masters Championships average 3,000 Entries per event, which means that there would be exposure to a high disposable income audience of 35+ age group.


Support would be appreciated for the following events:- March 2018 - European Masters Indoor Athletics Championships , Madrid, Spain. September 2018 - World Masters Outdoor Athletics Championships , Malaga, Spain. Breakdown: Flights - £400 Accommodation - £500 Total investment - £900