F100 Classic Karting

Hi my name is Luke, thank you for viewing my page. I have a strong passion for Motorsport and I am looking for some help to get started in racing. F100 is a classic karting series racing all around England using only karts made before the year 2000 which are primarily direct drive, air cooled with no rev limiters. This is Racing in its purest form.

I am hoping to complete at least 6 rounds of the 2019 Championship by teaming up with L.R.Racing. I have spent plenty of time as a mechanic for them over the years and it is time to get into the drivers seat properly.
F100 is booming as and more people are taking part as well as ambitions for new classes to be added. I want to be one of those people.

Sponsor Name: Luke Johnson

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

Target Audience/Reach

Anyone into Racing/Engineering

Date and Timings

The Championship contains six main rounds and three special events which are as follows: Winter Cup at Clay Pigeon - March 2nd/3rd Festival at Fulbeck - March 9th Round 1 at Fulbeck - April 6th/7th Round 2 at Lydd - May 25th/26th Round 3 at Wigan - June 22nd/23rd British 'Open' Championship - July 6th/7th Round 4 at Rowrah - August 17th/18th Round 5 at Ellough - September 15th/16th Round 6 at Buckmore Park - October 12th

Key opportunity details

L.R.Racing has a Facebook page as well as Instagram, so does F100. Both of which have plenty of exposure on social media with around 2000 likes and followers combined. Stickers will be placed on the kart and my race-wear can be branded.

Features and Benefits

Photography is regular and sometimes footage too. We would constantly be sharing on social media and so does F100 which is exposing the brand as much as possible.

Other partners

M.D Wray & Co are supporters of L.R.Racing but not to me exclusively.


Six Rounds of F100 will cost minimum £5500 but any extra funding is hugely beneficial and would aid performance.

Other Info

For more info on costing please contact me.