Kev Stannard MBE Sponsorship Opportunities

Kev Stannard MBE

I work as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ambassador for the Royal Air Force, one of the many projects that I am involved in is the Race For The Line Rocket Car Schools competition. The 2018 season is due to finish with the national final being held at RAF Wittering in Cambridgeshire at the end of the month. 500 schools and 65,000 students from around the country took part in this year’s competition, planning is well underway for the new season which begins in Sept.

Areas across the Yorkshire and North East regions are consistently listed as being in the poorest areas of achievement for school children, this is due to a number of reasons one of which is the lack of funds available in schools for them to spend on outside organisations to come into schools to deliver engagement events or to enter competitions like Race For The Line.

Of the top 20% worse performing areas detailed in the latest Social Mobility Study (which lists the areas of the country where children face the biggest challenges) the following are listed from within the regions where I deliver STEM engagement activities:

Yorkshire and the Humber:  Barnsley, Bradford, Doncaster, Hambleton, North East Lincolnshire, Scarborough & Wakefield

North East: Hartlepool, Middlesbrough & Northumberland

The hope that I have is that by carrying out the work that I am trying to do it will help improve the chances of young people from all of these areas to realise their own protentional and to consider a job based around one of the STEM subjects.

All of the work will be free to schools if I can find enough business to support the work that I am doing.

Schools can be asked to pay up to £1600 a day to hold STEM events and simply a majority of schools from across the region cannot afford to do this so their students miss out on opportunities to experience new challenges and competitions.

Rocket Cars

2018 was the third season of the competition and saw continued growth in interest from schools around the region. The competition is open to every secondary school and see’s the whole of the Year 7 student group take part. My team and I have been to 20 schools this year and supported over 3500 students. I have attached a draft information flyer explaining a little more about Race For Line.

Each school is required to pay an entry fee of £600. This fee covers the training of two teachers and the required insurance policies for the school to hold their own race days. The training and insurances are valid for 3 years.

Ask of Business: Donate £600 in return for a 3 year sponsorship agreement with a school. This year we had 20 schools from the Tee’s Valley, North and East Yorkshire regions take part. The aspiration that I have for season 4 is to find 160 business from across the whole region who would be willing to donate the entry fee for the competition, this will enable me to offer the chance to take part in the new season to every secondary school across the reagion.

Sponsor Name: Kev Stannard

Location: Yorkshire and Humber

Sector: Corporate Events

Budget: 50k - 100k

Target Audience/Reach

160 schools approx 24000 Year 7 Students across the North East, Yorkshire, Tees Valley and Humber Regions.

Date and Timings

The event runs from September 18 until the national final in May/Jun 19

Key opportunity details

To sponsor an individual school or multiple schools entry into the competition.

Features and Benefits

Benefit to Business: The aspiration is that business will be partnered with a school close to their site where possible, this will enable relationships to develop between both parties. Giving the business the opportunity to engage with the next generation of their workforce while allowing the school to have access to real life working environments to show to their students what they will be expected to do when they leave education. Every company that provides sponsorship will have their logo added to the display banners, be mentioned in social media etc. Ideally I would like to get business who have a foot print in the region involved. The alternative is to gain the support of larger companies who would be willing to sponsor a percentage of the overall cost and be named as the regional sponsor for the event.

Other partners

Nil at present


£600 will provide the entry fee for 1 school for the next 3 years of competitions.

Other Info

The Bridge Project Using my experiences in delivering STEM engagement activities and designing workshops I have developed the Bridge Project. This is a multi-stage education program. I have attached a couple of PDF’s explaining what I am doing. This program will be complete and ready for schools to use from Sept 18. Ask of Business: Each of the different bridges costs approx. £6000, this includes the purchasing of all the resources required for the workshops and would sustain each workshop for a 3 year period. I have been successful in gaining support from a number of different organisations including The RAF Charitable Trust, Brother UK, Jabra UK and Raytheon UK. All of these are National or International organisations as with the Rocket Car program I am looking to find companies who would be willing to sponsor part/all of the project. Benefit to Business: Any company who offers to support the project will become a named sponsor for the “Bridge” that they are supporting, this will include having their company logo on all advertising banners/displays etc. Engagement Vehicle My most ambitious task is to find an organisation who would be willing to help with the provision of a vehicle. Due to the large amount of equipment that is needed to deliver events to 200+ students I am looking to secure a suitable vehicle that I can use to transport everything to schools. Ideally a pick-up truck which has the load space for all the equipment and enough seats for a team of people to travel in. Ask of Business: To find a car manufacture/car dealership that would be willing to supply a vehicle for 3 years to allow a team of people and equipment to travel to schools to deliver events. The vehicle would covered in advertising including all the different businesses who are supporting the work that I am doing. The Future: My aspiration is to successfully develop a workable and sustainable model for all three of the above projects which I will then be able to roll out on a national level. I am a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Ambassador and I work for the Royal Air Force as a communications project manager. For over a decade I have been involved in the development and delivery of youth engagement activities and events helping to promote careers to young people.