London School of Economics Women's Rugby Sponsorship Opportunities

London School Of Economics Women’s Rugby

A sponsorship opportunity with one of the most established and inclusive university clubs within the LSE Athletics Union. The LSE Women’s Rugby Club was established 17 years ago and has since grown significantly, both in membership and presence on LSE campus. Our club is a brilliant way to get your brand across to some of the top university students.

Sponsor Name: Charlotte Brady

Location: London

Sector: Rugby

Budget: Under 10k


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Target Audience/Reach

University Students and Sports players

Date and Timings

This would be a sponsorship opportunity that lasts the whole academic year and rugby season. Starting from September 2018.

Key opportunity details

As a growing club, we hope to prolong our success and continue to expand and develop our club. In doing so, we seek sponsors to support us. We propose a contribution of £600-£2400. As an official sponsor of LSEWRFC you will receive a number of marketing and branding benefits. We are really increasing our social media presence by having over 200 Instagram followers, over 350 Twitter followers and nearly 500 Facebook followers. Each individual Facebook post reaching over 200 people across England and internationally . Social Media allows our club to access the public further than just within the London and LSE community. As LSE is such a diverse international university, especially as some of our ‘old girls’ are from many different countries, it allows us to gain more recognition of our club.

Features and Benefits

As a sponsor: - Access to top university students - Support of a very diverse and an inclusive club. - More promotion of your brand

Other partners

Currently our only other partner is LSE Student's Union.


▪ Bronze (£600 contribution) o Posts about your company via our social media outlets, which receives over 1600 unique visitors every week. This includes usage of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your company and its opportunities to students of LSE. o Promotion of any opportunities to our club mailing list. o Feature on our recruitment brochures and material. ▪ Silver (£1200 contribution) o Bronze benefits; and o Logo feature on stash (training and recreational sports gear), which are ordered by most members of the club and frequently worn on campus. ▪ Gold (£2400 contribution) o Silver benefits; and LSESU Women’s Rugby | 11 o Logo feature on kit, worn during official matches with other universities. o Coverage in articles written by LSEWRFC in LSE student newspaper ‘The Beaver’, which has over 6,000 readers weekly. o Organise an event to promote your organisation among LSE student body . ▪ Development Festival Sponsor Package (£1500 contribution) o Bronze benefits; and o Logo to feature on any media, posters and banners that are used to publicise the festival. Our promotional video received over 2,400 views. o Logo to feature on T-shirts given to participants and volunteers on the day o Coverage in a special ‘Development Festival’ article in LSE student newspaper ‘The Beaver’, which has over 6,000 readers weekly. o Promotion of company in any articles written by local newspapers on the event. o Opportunity to send along representatives on the day to speak to students (optional)

Other Info

Long-Term Club Goals ▪ Highlight the benefits of playing a team sport at university and make these benefits accessible to as many women as possible. The physical, mental and well-being benefits of a team sport such as rugby are extensive and, we believe, should be available to all. ▪ Continue to encourage women to play, and succeed in, a traditionally male-dominated sport. In 2014, the England Women’s Rugby team won the Rugby World Cup. This success followed a record breaking 7 consecutive 6 Nations victories as well as achieving a Grand Slam. In spite of all this, only around 18,000 women and girls play rugby regularly across England, compared to 1.8 million males - we want to do our part in changing this. ▪ Use our Club to empower women in sport more generally. Women's sport receives just 0.5% of all commercial sponsorship, while only one in five board members of national governing bodies are women. Furthermore, in the UK there are more men than women playing sport every week. We want to be part of the growing movement towards gender equality in sport.