Slide with me into the record books


I am 21 years old, 2 times British Women’s Junior Champion, and In this coming season I will be moving up to the senior team to make my international debut and compete in the World Cup, training and competing throughout the world. With the Winter Olympics just passed, the eyes of the world turned towards winter sports and Korea. In 4 years time those same eyes will turn to China, and with your support I could be there.
Would be interested in sponsoring me to get to the next games. In return I would include your name and products in posts on all forms of social media as well as having your logo on race and training kit visible for  televised events. We currently have no sponsorship and so am funded by myself and donations.
If this is something you would be interested in please do get back to me or I could put you in contact with the head of GB sponsorship. With the Winter Olympics just passed and a new Olympic cycle just beginning I feel this could be a great opportunity for both of us.

Sponsor Name: Elsa Desmond

Location: Worldwide

Sector: Winter Sports

Budget: Under 10k

Target Audience/Reach

Large Europian and North americal following within the sport of Luge.

Date and Timings

World Cup season runs Mid November to Mid February every year Winter Olympics Beijing 2022 Support is needed through out the year to support summer training and winter racing. Looking for a sponsor who can commit to 4 years to get me through the next olympic cycle.

Key opportunity details

Please contact me for further details

Features and Benefits

Benefits are negotiable. Your name to be included on all social media posts as well as the GB Luge website Your company name and logo on kit and equipment You would also have the oppotunity to send a representative out to British championship races

Other partners



Looking for an investment on £500 a year upwards in return for social media publicity £3000 a year upwards in return for social media advertising and publicity for your company and your logo on equipment and clothing

Other Info

Aiming for a: top 50 finish in the 2018/19 world cup Top 20 finish in U23 World Championships Oppotunity to develop your sponsorship into one that supports the whole GB team would be an option in the future if your are interested in this.