MK Marathon Sponsorship Opportunities

MK Marathon seeks partners for the 2018 event

The MK Marathon is consistently ranked in the top 10 UK marathons, an AIMS/IAAF Grade A certified race, British Association of Road Races (BARR) Gold accreditation for outstanding race management and with an amazing stadiumMK finish.

The MK Marathon brand creates an online audience of tens of thousands across our digital footprint and print advertising. We strive to put on one of the best organised marathon events out there – so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your brand will be handled with care.

We take away all the hassles of large scale event management, so you don’t have to. We’ll be right behind you in making sure you leverage the event as a platform to reach your business goals.

We look forward to working with you.

Sponsor Name: Andrew Hully

Location: Midlands

Sector: Sporting Events, Running

Budget: 10k - 50k

Target Audience/Reach

Aged between 35 and 44 years, 62% male, highly social and into fitness

Date and Timings

Event date is 7th May 2018

Key opportunity details

There are opportunities in the following areas: 1.Headline Sponsor (6,000 entrants in 2016) 2. Rocket 5K Sponsor (1600 entrants in 2016) 3. Superhero Fun Run Sponsor (1200 entrants in 2016) 4. Event Crew Sponsor (500 volunteers in 2016) 5. An official supplier of any of the following: - Water - Sports Drink - Cars or vans - Finishers T-Shirts - Nutrition bar - Goody bag sampling- Confectionary - Entertainment

Features and Benefits

Included in the above (but not restricted to): Branding on running numbers - Offer in Virtual Goody Bag which goes to all entrants - Email – logo will appear on the footer of all mass email correspondence - Branding on website and on sponsors page - Social media – regular promotion of your products via our SM channels - Promotional material – display on flyers & posters pre-event - Bespoke medal ribbon with your logo - You can brand the start & finish areas with flags & banners - PR – inclusion in all articles requested by newspapers, magazines etcOnline banners & other display options - Present the awards - VIP Space at the stadium - Onsite – retail space in the event village, various branding, mobile sampling - Complimentary places - Partners & Sponsors are also required to promote the events on our behalf

Other partners

BMI The Saxon Clinic [ Marathon Relay Sponsor ] Up & Running [ Retail Partner ] Running With Us [ Training Partner ] High5 [ supplier of energy gels ] Murrays The Printers [ general sponsor ] APLE Milton Keynes [ general sponsor ]


1. HEADLINE SPONSOR - Marathon & Half Marathon - £30k for 2 years 2. ROCKET 5K SPONSOR - catagory exclusive - £10k for 2 years 3. SUPERHERO FUN RUN SPONSOR - catagory exclusive - £10k for 2 years 4. MARATHON RELAY SPONSOR - catagory exclusive - £10k for 2 years (taken for 2017) 5. EVENT CREW SPONSOR - 500 event crew - £6k for 2 years 6. OFFICIAL SUPPLIER - supply of any of the listed items to the required quantities

Other Info

- First event in 2012 - Total number of entries 26,016 - 8,260 entries in 2016 - 31% raised in excess of £1k for charity - 94% Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the event - 7141 Facebook followers - 3772 Twitter followers