Who are we?

The ‘Falls of Clyde International’ campaign is a Glasgow (Scotland) based group attempting to save the historic vessel – the ‘Falls of Clyde’

This magnificent vessel was the first of eight sister ships, all carrying a name of historic waterfalls in Scotland. The ‘Falls of Clyde’ is named after one of the many stunning waterfalls and a world heritage site in Lanark, Scotland. She was built by Russell & Co in Port Glasgow in 1878 and she was a bulk carrier for the early part of her life taking trade routes to India, Pakistan and China before coming to rest at her current base in Honolulu.

She is the only remaining sail driven oil tanker in the world and even though she is listed as a U.S national landmark, she sits neglected and is at risk. She is the only surviving ship of her kind as her sisters were either lost in wartime (during the 1st and 2nd world wars) or at sea.

She is a truly unique survivor and a testament to Scottish shipbuilding and Scotland’s proud nautical past.


We are now bringing her home to Scotland to be rebuilt and become a symbol of state of the art, carbon-free technology and she will be helping communities all around the world: from fair trade farming to helping solve some of the biggest environmental issues of our generation.

This is a truly unique event which has gained significant interest from both the media and the public and we are offering you the chance to sponsor part (or all) of our ship, displaying your logo proudly as she makes her journey home.

Sponsor Name: O'Neill David

Location: Worldwide

Sector: Sailing & Watersports

Budget: Over 100k

Target Audience/Reach

25-65, mainly male, interested in heritage, maritime and sailing and global environmental issues. Highly social and affluent.

Date and Timings

From February to April. Starting from Honolulu, Hawaii, she will be placed upon a lift ship and carried around the world to her final stop in Scotland. However, several stops are included along the way and these are: Costa Rica, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, New York and finally Scotland.

Key opportunity details

As explained above - In order to maximize exposure and sponsorship opportunities, her return journey will include stops at San Diego, Costa Rica, Fort Lauderdale and New York before her final stop in Scotland where she will be put into a dry dock in Troon or near Port Glasgow (where she was originally built). From her departure to arrival (and the stops in-between!) we have major events planned which will celebrate both Hawaiian and Scottish culture. Each event will have food, drink and merchandise stalls along with live music for the public and we estimate a footfall of around 20k to 40k people at each event. However, we expect a much higher footfall at the Scottish event with an estimated footfall of around 60k to 100k as we are planning to hold the largest flotilla (we are attempting a Guinness world record) to escort her home - along the full length of the Firth of Clyde. Finally, as well as the on-shore events to promote your brands, there will be formal reception parties to ensure you can rub shoulders with other brand owners and representatives, helping you make the most of new business contacts.

Features and Benefits

Guaranteed exposure What makes us so different from everyone else? Well, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain worldwide exposure for your brand whilst helping us bring this beautiful vessel back home. It is truly a unique event and one that many people will not want to miss, either by coming to the planned stops, following us via social media or on one of the news outlets covering our journey. Not only will everyone see your brand but the public will associate your brand with the long-term development and successes of the ship once she is rebuilt as she will be a symbol of state of the art, carbon-free technology and she will be helping communities all around the world: from fair trade farming to helping solve some of the biggest environmental issues of our generation. Help us bring this 19th-century icon home and navigate her into the modern world of the 21st century. But this is not only about what branding does for you this project also offers a long-term tie into grounbraking new technologies, communities, education and the future role that she will play representing the U.K. around the globe We are also offering to repeat branding on the ship at her official relaunch once restored, again a global newsworthy event. Media Each of these events will be of Global interest – from international news stations, maritime magazines to local radio stations, everyone will want to follow the journey home. There will be online tracking of the ship again accompanied by sponsor logos on the webpage, with links to sponsor's sites. We will be active to promote the stages to news agencies around the world to ensure that we get full media coverage. Initial estimates of news coverage at an international level are encouraging with a viewing and readership audience close to around 500 million people. Per stop. This doesn’t include her Scottish Homecoming event which we estimate will be closer to 700 million people. As well as TV coverage, our internet, and social media exposure will be significant – with a targeted approach to reach a daily audience of around 7 million people daily through written blogs and promo video campaigns all powered through a strong ‘Pay Per Click’ and social media push; reaching both the casual viewer and enthusiasts alike. We already have a strong social media following and presence on several social media platforms. This boils down to your brand being exposed to up to 710 million different people at any one time. A huge amount of people and a huge opportunity for global exposure for your brand. Finally, we are also in advanced talks with several TV producers about making a documentary of her return journey - this means your brand will be displayed on several high profile TV networks both in Scotland and worldwide. Branding Depending on the package you pick, depends on where your brand will be on the ship. However, we can guarantee that your brand will be displayed at each event and will be covered throughout our campaign ensuring you have the best possible promotional opportunities available. You will also have the opportunity to sell your merchandise at any event you attend and you will be invited to the formal receptions where you will have the chance to network to other representatives and create new opportunities and business contacts.

Other partners

Strathclyde University, Malin Marine, Clutha Trust, Fairtransport Eu, Ferguson Marine, Caledonian University,


We have several packages on offer which are fully scalable to fit your budget. Package 1 Our starter package which includes your company’s brand on all of our social media channels and promotional videos and you will a in any of our Falls of Clyde promotional material (including all literature). Furthermore, you will be invited to attend one of our shore-based promotions and your brand's logo will go up on our wall of honor. £25,000 each – 20 available Package 2 This is when things get real! We include your company branding on the awning of the ship as well as all of the benefits included in package 1. All of these packages are scalable so you can decide on how much or how little you want! You want to be seen from space? Take the whole awning! Starting from £230,000 each space - 10 available Package 3 Sponsor the sails! Let the world see your brand in all its glory! As well as all of the benefits of package 1, you also get to go to not just one but two of the events where you can network and celebrate into the early hours! This is one of the more prominent positions and yours will be one of four brands on one side of the sail, however, this is completely scalable so if you want a whole side to yourself? You can! You want the whole sail? No problem! You decide on how much or how little you want! The bigger the brand, the easier it will be to see when she stops at each event! Starting from £300,000 each space – 40 available. Package 4 The big daddy! The Hull! This is the most sought after and prominent space to display your brand as it is the most visible! As well as all the benefits of package 1, your brand will also be the headline sponsor and this includes an invitation to ALL of the stops and both the departure and arrival parties in Hawaii and Scotland! Your brand will be the most prominent at all events! Even our astronauts in the international space station will be hankering after your product! Be the headline sponsor. Be the best! Because this is such prime real estate, there are only two spaces available! £1.25m - 2 available As explained above - all packages are scalable and we welcome bids.

Other Info

You can find our sponsorship brochure with our details attached where you can find each package in greater detail and examples of how your brand may look upon our ship. Please feel free to contact us to discuss sponsorship.