kings of court street basketball

Kings of Court Street Basketball Event

Inspired by ”Ghetto Games” organisation , we got idea to popularise street ball in UK Lincolnshire. Our first “Kings of Court” event was a BIG success as we met our goals and involved more then 10 teams which competed in Street Basketball, Freestyle and Slam Dunk Contest.

As the people of Boston were really responsive and loved our idea and it brought community together we decided to have our 2nd event in Boston as well.. The money we are trying to raise for our 2nd event we will spend on court rent, music and prises. The Big Idea is to introduce “Kings of Court” to all Lincolnshire and soon to all of United Kingdom. But we need your support. Together we can get the youth off the streets and into something proactive.

Sponsor Name: Anzela Turkina

Location: Midlands

Sector: Sporting Events, Basketball

Budget: Under 10k

Target Audience/Reach

male, female 18 - 80, into sports, active, lincolnshire

Date and Timings

Event is on the 26th of August and lasts for 1 day only.

Key opportunity details

We are fast growing. it is just start, but our followers are important to us. Last time it was about 100 people attending, we hope for more now. We try to involve artists, musicians, all kind of active people to take part in the event and show of their talentsLocation : Boston, LincolnshireWe do promote in all surrounding areas, social media, verbally and internationally, we aim for stars, meaning - we want to hold international professional competition in a few years time. .

Features and Benefits

You would benefit of: Name on leaflets/postersPermanent advertisement during long period with hashtags of your choice all over Instagram and Facebook.your name printed on the T-shirts of the playersMentions on the day and constant promotionYou will get familiarized all through the county and even abroad, as each of us personally has many followers from different range of people

Other partners

We are supported by local recruitment agencies as EVO Services LTD and Addecco UK. Also Street-art tattoos in Sheffield and clothing/print design company Korneti Fly.


We are looking for 1000 pounds or some gifts and presents to the players, as they will fight for 1st place.

Other Info

We believe Boston has loads of potential to grow within Basketball. We do have a courts and many talented youngsters, who wants to spend day out rather than sit at home. We dream of becoming nationwide and travel with our tournaments all over UK.