Martin Jones

The Musical unsigned world at your fingertips

UG Media is a home based non profit digital broadcasting company utilising the availability and benefits of the internet, by broadcasting live shows promoting unsigned artists of all and any genre from around the world.

We play these artists alongside our unique shows that we have already in operation, these range from heavy metal to survival talk shows (a full listing is available).

Music is given permission to us by either of the following :
The Bands themselves
Their management
Attached record label
Production company
Our roster is ever growing, playing music from as far as Canada to Southeast Asia and with a growing roster of hosts to present these shows.

It has now got to a point where for us to fully succeed, we are now needing to step away from our day to day employment to run this project on a full time basis, with this comes the need of finance ….

This finance (depending on level of sponsorship) covers the up-keep of the station, employment opportunities & the provision of live global entertainment.

Sponsor Name: Martin Jones

Target Audience/Reach

We are confident that we can achieve our target audience as anyone at any age to any gender anywhere around the world over time, with people already on board in various parts of the world and also here at home too via our existing and proposed on air/podcasted shows both here in the UK and in other countries under the UG Media banner, so it's a mixture of something for everyone by covering various subject matters with music type to match.

Date and Timings

This is an ongoing opportunity for either show specific or station wide, with long term in mind.

Key opportunity details

We are small but are growing , with fan base now in its 400's , but this is due to listener ship which is only down to broadcasting availability, in turn is only part time of which we wish to change.

Features and Benefits

These are the things we have in our proposal package depending on level of sponsorship: First refusal and V.I.P. access to any event we hold for yourselves and your guests or as our guest depending what that event is and to the level of involvement we at UG Media have once things are in place. Full readout of your publications with added display on our Web page & social media platforms including your offers and giveaways (if any). Exclusive access to other events and promotions that are offered to us at UG Media from 3rd parties ( Except in the event that these events are sole to UG Media and would impact the business if we/ representatives of UG Media are not present) We will promote/Advocate or be brand ambassador for your company / product / service in our programming whether live or prerecorded across the board both normal and primetime. Your company will be advertised on all of our existing and future platforms across the board (exceptions only to countries with specific advertising laws), main web and social media pages, appear on any paperwork including letter headed paperwork etc. Attendance with special guests and performances at the station and over time stations once reached. Voice overs for external advertising. If applicable, a show dedicated to the sponsor both on air and video recorded for multi platform play to cover their events etc. All of this is negotiable and is open to be tailored to specific needs.

Other partners

We have no other sponsors on board as yet, but there are pending ones in the pipeline


For full details we have a package in pdf format available.

Other Info

We have our own original content for a tv channel in the pipeline, along with animation and a gaming section which is currently active. We also in light of Brexit want to bring direction and business to the UK by wanting to bring bands from abroad to the UK, we are currently in the process of organising a tour for a South African Band here in the UK in July this year (2019) as an example of our dedication. We are keen to promote charitable events and causes with one on board and others pending.