OneJam Show Sponsorship Opportunities

The OneJam Show seek Music Sponsors

The OneJam Show is an opportunity to have your brand acknowledged for support to developing talent in the UK.

The show scheduled for December 10th 2017 is a live entertainment with some of the most exciting fledgling talents in the country coming to showcase and entertain an audience.

We would ideally like a partnership as we would want this event to be a regular thing to be looked forward to.

We will have stand up comedy, Fashion showcase and live musical performances on the day.

We believe in appropriate sponsorship and i strongly believe in the strength of my guests and the value they provide. So ideally we’d like someone/organisation who we believe we can offer value to as well. As we owe it to our audience to present to them something that can be applicable/practical to their lives.

Sponsor Name: Kobby Parker

Location: London

Sector: Music Festivals

Budget: Under 10k

Target Audience/Reach

Young Professionals between 21-28, mostly with tertiary level education and based in London. My audience know what they want and are quite picky about the events that they attend albeit purveyors of quality and matured entertainment

Date and Timings

Evertyhing is ready including Flyer, Official Promo commences on 30th October Tickets will also go on sale from 30th October Event happens on the 10th December

Key opportunity details

A live entertainment show on 10th Dec 2017 (Mainly music & Comedy) At Proud Cabaret LondonFanbase is cross sectional (Detoxnights on instagram and 1Enter on insta). Comined we have over 700 followers. This is considerable based on the fact that we have less than 10 ticketed events to our name which will only likely grow if we are able to get support in the appropriate areas

Features and Benefits

Opportunity to place any relevant product or service to the audience membersBrand and logo placed on all promo materials. opportunity to be incorporated into game-show element of the show to involve and build trust and happiness in regards to the brand. Event will be filmed.


A cash investment of £1500

Other Info

it will resemble DefComedy Jam in the 90's if we get adequate support and push.