Wiltshire county pool team

Wiltshire County Pool Team

The Wiltshire County Pool Team has over 50+ players competing against other counties on a monthly basis, ages range from 16 – 60+.  We have a wide variety of players in 4 squads, Mens A, Mens B, Ladies, Seniors and hope to include a youth team in the very near future.  Some of our squad have gone on to represent England, and several of our squad are looking at England trials later in the year.  One of our Wiltshire players has also been ranked number 1 Senior in the whole country!  All of our squad members currently compete at a high level in the England Pool Association and travel to play other counties.  Further competition includes national singles competitions and team events held at Great Yarmouth where the competition comes from all over the Country.

Wiltshire County Pool team are currently looking for sponsorship that can help to support us financially in the sport.  We are currently funded by the support of the players and are in need of new equipment, team uniforms, trophies and assistance with travel costs to national and regional competitions.  Our other costs include affiliation fees to both region and national to be able to compete within the association.

Any sponsorship we can receive would be gratefully received, no matter how big or small.

Sponsor Name: Nichola Pearce

Location: South West

Sector: Snooker

Budget: Under 10k

Target Audience/Reach

15 - 65+ Male & Female Sports

Date and Timings

Our regional fixtures begin in February 2018 and continue throughout the year. We hold our trials for the County teams in the beginning of January 2018.

Key opportunity details

We are putting together a website for the Wiltshire County Pool Association and in addition have various Social Media groups that we would advertise our sponsorship. We also have associated leagues that play at various locations around the area that would also display posters relevant to the league for the entire season that would include sponsorship information. Larger sponsorship that would assist us in uniforms would be displayed on our 50+ team shirts that are worn at both home and away fixtures through 5 different counties, Wiltshire, Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. Press releases of achievements would also contain our sponsorship information.

Features and Benefits

Exposure via Social Media in various groups for our teams and associated local leagues, names on our uniforms and/or literature that goes out to venues for local leagues,

Other partners

2017 sponsorship provided by Matt Fiddes Martial Arts


Cash investment to support our travel needs, there are currently 3 squads of 11 players plus reserves, and 2 squads of 7 plus reserves, plus the introduction of a youth team. We are also in need of new pro-cup match balls for 8 tables. A lot of our players wear their county shirts at local weekly matches too giving more exposure to sponsors. We would happily accept a supply of personalised shirts in lieu of cash investment if you were in that industry. In 2017, the cost of shirts was around £1400, Pro-cup match balls are approximately £90 per set and we are in need of 8 sets. Affiliation fees cost us around £500 per year.

Other Info

We welcome any form of sponsorship, however big or small. It is a case of every little helps! We all love the game of pool and there are some exciting opportunities for us at national level.