Sponsor Seeker delivers first Sponsorship Workshop for the Hampshire FA

On Thursday 23rd June, 6:30-8pm Sponsor Seeker in partnership with Hampshire FA hosted a part 2 pilot sponsorship workshop, part of Hampshire FA’s Marketing & PR programme which was delivered to 11 club and/or league representatives.

Hampshire FA in partnership with Sponsor Seeker are piloting a 1 year project, introducing a new initiative to support clubs and leagues in Hampshire attain sponsorship.

Sponsor Seeker is an experienced sponsorship agency boasting a team of professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the sponsorship industry, helping sports teams achieve sponsorship success. Sponsor Seeker’s mission is to help sports clubs, events and charitable organisations find sponsors and the financial assistance they require, helping to bridge the gap to help potential sponsors see the wide-range of fantastic sporting opportunities presented in the best possible light.

The sponsorship workshop provided clubs and leagues with the guidance and tools of how to successfully prepare a sponsorship package, highlighting key information in helping to attract sponsorship which was delivered by the Director of Sponsor Seeker, Laura Miller.

Laura is a professional in the sponsorship industry and boasts an impressive CV with over 15 years’ experience in football as the former head of commercial at Doncaster Rovers as well as managing Sales Teams for clubs including Hull City, Newcastle Falcons and Swansea City, amongst others. An Entrepreneur in her own right, Laura has 3 established companies and 2 of which focus on generating commercial income for sports clubs including Match Marketing & Sponsor Seeker.

Kicking off the presentation to Hampshire FA members, Laura presented a 5-step plan which focused on the processes involved in securing a sponsorship deal from start to finish. The process included researching, calling, meeting, providing the proposal and finally the close – securing the deal as the desired outcome.

sponsorship workshop hampshire FA

Furthermore members were introduced to the Corporate Pyramid and the various tiers which make up the pyramid, breaking down each section with an insight into the expectations from companies the more established they become as partners.

With her extensive sales background, Laura presented the buying cycle with an insight into the thought process and mindset behind the purchase of a product.

A key message which was presented during the sponsorship workshop was "People buy what products solve" – this set about an opportunity for clubs and leagues to think about their own unique selling points, their own product and how to identify potential packages of interest with a desire to succeed them by following the 5 step plan.

Discussing the sponsorship workshop at Hampshire FA, Managing Director of Sponsor Seeker Laura Miller said:

“At Sponsor Seeker we are always looking for ways in which to help sports teams generate sponsorship. It’s a difficult marketplace to navigate and we aim to provide as much help and guidance as we can”

“It was a real pleasure to deliver the first ever sponsorship workshop for the Hampshire FA and to meet the many clubs and leagues which form part of the county FA, many face different challenges, some have grounds others don’t and the aim of the workshop was to get the clubs thinking about what they can offer to a potential partner”

“The evening went very well and we hope to be able to role out more workshops, webinars and guidance documents over the coming weeks and months”

If you would like to discuss how a Sponsorship Workshop could benefit your organisation, please email Laura Miller directly on laura@sponsorseeker.co.uk or Contact Us